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The foothills of Mt Ganus offer an excellent opportunity for paragliding fanatics. The take off area is at Yenikoy village with a landing strip at the Ayvasil beach. The entry is through Barbaros-Kumbag road from Tekirdag. You will see signs for paragliding, but only in Turkish as you leave behind Barbaros. There are signs for both take-off and landing areas. It would be wise to carry your own food and drink as you will be unlikely to find any in Yenikoy.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Doronenko

Hiking /Trekking

Tekirdag is home to lots of beautiful forests and shrub lands that make it ideal for hiking or trekking. Mt Ganos situated on the southwest of the city has many trails to offer for the nature enthusiasts. An earth road by the mountain, through pine and oak forests, cuts through vineyards and the charming village of Yenikoy. This trail serves magnificent views of the Sea of Marmara and Marmara Islands. Travellers can easily follow the trail without an official guide as the road is pretty obvious and water sources are located within reasonable distances from each other. The Ergese Mountain Ganos valley and outcrops are also quite suitable for trekking on horseback.


Summers in Tekirdag are an excellent time to partake in windsurfing. The Tekirdag Sea is mostly wavy during summer and has a lot of wind to make it a glorious time for windsurfing.


An extensive coastline with rich sea harvest provides an excellent opportunity for angling. So gear up your hook and lure from abundance of fish species ranging from ferrets, mackerel, red mullet, violet, conger, bream, large bluefish, torika, bass, chub mackerel, bonito, lobster, shrimp, swordfish to plenty of white sand mussels.

Camping Caravan

There are convenient facilities for camping and caravan holidays in areas that are open to tourists. The central district of Tekirdag, the Marmara Eregli, the district and palace in Sarkoy have some excellent facilities for camping and partaking in a caravan holiday.

Attractions of the Sea

Extensive beaches with green vines, tourist facilities and a Recreational Forest Centre keep attracting more and more tourists to the city every year. The beaches offer plenty of opportunities for having fun in the sand and have ample facilities for snack bars, restaurants and vehicle parking.


Tekirdag is home to deep forests that nurture deer, pheasant, wild rooster, rabbits, wolves, jackals, foxes and other wild animals. Bird species of partridge, golden oriole, wild duck, quail, wild goose, woodcock and turtle dove can also be found.