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The museums of Tekirdağ are largely inspired by its ancient history and are designed to support several fantastic artefacts, archaeological collections and personal items of famous people. It is an important junction for tourists who want to unfold the events happened throughout Tekirdağ’s history.

Rákóczi Museum

The Rákóczi Museum is dedicated to Hungarian Prince Francis II Rakoczi who lived in the house in exile between 1720 and 1735. In 1932, the Hungarian government restored the house and since then it has become a place of pilgrimage for Hungarians and Székely.

Built in Ottoman style, the museum mostly displays reproductions of the prince’s personal items. It is believed that the museum serves as a cultural bridge between Hungary and Turkey.

Address: Ertugrul Mh., 59100 Tekirdağ/Tekirdağ Province, Turkey
Tel: +90 282 263 8577

Photo Credit: CreativeCommons/ Ollios

Namık Kemal House Museum

The Namık Kemal House Museum in Tekirdağ is devoted to the works of popular writer, activist and nationalist poet Namık Kemal. To launch the museum, a 19th century house was rebuilt with donations from charitable organizations. It officially opened on December 21, 1993 to display poems and ethnographical items related to the poet. One can visualize the everyday life of Kemal involving various artefacts and collections found on each floor.

Address: Eskicami-Ortacami Mh., 59030 Tekirdağ/Tekirdağ Province, Turkey
Tel: +90 282 263 4272

Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

The Tekirdağ Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography was founded in 1967 to highlight ancient objects found at different excavations. Stone artefacts, miniature ancient figures, ethnographic arts, and folkloric textiles explicit to Tekirdağ are presented at the museum. In addition, there are various items from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman time on display in the wide garden surrounding the museum.

Address: Sümer Mh., Halil Rifat Pasa Caddesi 3, 35250 Smirne, Turkey
Tel: +90 232 483 7254

Photo Credit: CreativeCommons/ Ollios