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When it comes to eating in Tekirdağ, 'meatballs', the signature food item of the city ranks the highest position. Take a walk across the city or drive to highways and you will come across a range of restaurants, cafes and food-joints that serve meatballs and kofte, the city’s special foods.

Restaurants near sea coast happily serve you with the best seafood too! On the other hand, desserts such as cheese halva, also known as höşmerim will not let you forget the city.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Tekirdağ. Visit them and you will get to relish the most authentic varieties of Turkish foods.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Cevdetcabbar
Kofteci İbrahim

Grilled Kofte is a specialty of ‘Kofteci İbrahim’ the first restaurant you see on the way to Tekirdağ. The restaurant serves mercimek corbasi, piyaz. It is also famous as a warm family spot with cozy ambience. Enjoy the prompt service and relish the dishes served here. If you want to experience dining at restaurant’s patio, visit Tekirdağ during summers.

Address: Nasrettin Hoca Sk. No: 47, Tekirdağ
Tel: +90 282 293 12 56
Nefis Tat Köftecisi

Nefis Tat Köftecisi serves delicious kofte with hot soup. The restaurant that looks like a fast-food-outlet also serves mercimek corbasi and the piyaz. As Nefis Tat is located near town hall and main town square, it proves to be most convenient for those who want to relish local foods in beautiful local ambience.

Address: Kolordu Cad. Belediye Iş Merkezi Karşısı, Tekirdağ
Tel: +90 282 264 08 44
Ozcanlar Kofte

Located at cozy city centre, Ozcanlar is easy to spot because of its big-box.. Ozcanlar’s friendly and attractive atmosphere as well as its quick service is par excellence. Piyaz served at Ozcanlar are real treat while a combination of well-marinated, firm white beans mixed with crispy carrots and juicy tomatoes is a tasty surprise for sure. Not only that, expertly spiced meatballs and kofte need just a quick dab in rich red pepper sauce to pamper foodies’ tongue.

Address: Eski Cami Geçidi No: 7, Tekirdağ
Tel: +90 282 260 16 33

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Foodista

Cezve Café

Cezve Café sports a traditional local ambience and interior style. It is located on the street that runs parallel to street down the hill on Hüseyin Pehlivan Caddesi towards the Archaeology Museum. The restaurant in a 3-storied traditional but renovated wooden building serves best of the local and special foods.

Address: Ertuğrul Mahalllesi Eski Bedesten Sokak No:32 Tekirdağ
Tel: +90 282 263 00 00