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Tekirdağ, also known by its ancient Greek name of Bisanthi, is an attractive little city on the northern shoreline of the Sea of Marmara, 135 kms west of Istanbul. Recognised for its Thracian roots, the city holds great historical significance to the people of Turkey. Tekirdağ along with other Turkish provinces of Edirne and Kırklareli is a part of Eastern Thrace, which is also known as European Turkey. The historical region of Thrace has played a prominent role in the golden age of Byzantine and Ottoman kingdoms.

Today, Tekirdağ is the capital of Tekirdağ Province and a major port of commerce. It is also well known for cheerful sunflower fields, sandy beaches and a productive agricultural hinterland that serves as an ideal setting for vineyards. With various museums such as the Archaeology and Ethnography Museum and Rakoczy Museum, the city of Tekirdağ has a lot of history, arts and culture to offer its tourists.

The holiday centres of Sarkoy and Murefte, famous for wine tasting, lie sixty kilometres west of Tekirdağ province. This region is a perfect place for tastings when it hosts an annual traditional wine festival.









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