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City of Tekirdağ celebrates a range of festivals. As Tekirdağ's history and Islamic culture traces way back to centuries, the city enjoys uncountable traditional festivals. Ramadan, Cherry Festival and Oil Wrestling Festival being the most prominent, other festivals such as the Şarköy Traditional Vintage Festival of Tekirdağ are equally interesting!

Traditional Cherry Festival

In the month of June, Tekirdağ celebrates ‘Traditional Cherry Festival’, one of the most awaited festivals of Turkey. Along with ‘The Best Cherry’ competitions, various competitions of folk music and dance forms are held all over the city as a part of festival celebrations. People also gather on the streets to enjoy music and dance parades.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Roybb95
Traditional Oil Wrestling Festival

Celebrated during the month of June in not only Tekirdağ but also in all over Turkey, ‘Oil Wrestling’ is one of the most popular sports of Turkey. During the festival of Oil Wrestling, the wrestlers wear tight pants of water buffalo leather and cover themselves with olive oil. Oil wrestling competitions usually start in the evening and continue till morning. Lamb roast is usually served during oil wrestling festival accompanied by various other performances including traditional music and belly dancing.

Hayrabolu Sunflower Festival

Sunflower festival is celebrated in the month of August. Tekirdağ, one of the important commercial harbors is now famous for its sunflowers as well. Humungous fields of sunflowers and large vineyards cover the entire city.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/hashi photo