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Tekirdağ is a Turkish city and historical part of Eastern Thrace. It is located on the northern shoreline of the Sea of Marmara lying 135 km west of Istanbul. Tekirdağ – the capital of Tekirdağ Province also has honorary consulates of Hungary and Bulgaria. The city is enclosed by the great promontory of the mountain deriving its name Tekir Dagi, which means ancient Combos.


With a borderline mediterranean/humid subtropical climate, Tekirdağ enjoys long, hot and humid summers with cool and wet winters. From December to March, the city fairly experiences snowfall, which continues for a week or two.

In summers, the temperatures of the city rise to 35ºC whereas temperatures drop to -8ºC in winters. August is the hottest month in the city laded with heavy rainfall, but it doesn’t last more than 20 minutes. Sometimes, it doesn’t rain a single drop for consecutive weeks. Because of mild, long and very nice weather, autumns are the best season for swimmers. During this season, sea is warm due to the influence of warm air.

Tekirdağ climate is a blend of Mediterranean climate of the regions to the south and continental climate of the inland regions to the north. The rain patterns are comparable to the Mediterranean climate, whilst temperature patterns resemble the continental one.